Managing IT for Business
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Why an IT Management CourseExplains why the course was conceived and created. Including the need to understand regulatory requirements. (Do you know what the WEEE directive is or how to make your Information Security Policy BS7799 compliant?)
Interaction, Strategy and PlanningShows communication flow, decision making processes, work flow control between business and IT. Includes know your customer, organisation and staff. Goals and KPIs are not just for individuals.
Securing your systemsThis is not a technical overview but highlights the overheads of system security and provides a checklist of issues that need to be considered.
Business Continuity and Disaster RecoveryExplains the need for business to drive the strategy with IT rather than IT being left to test systems. Planning, strategy, testing and reporting are described within this section.
Policy and controlAddresses the need for an IT policy agreed between business and IT. Explains what an Information security policy is and how it should be BS7799 compliant. Highlights the overheads of IT administration, what needs to be done to meet regulatory requirements. Includes Technology Risk, Budget control, WEEE directive management. Recruitment of staff is also discussed in this section.
Outsourcing and Managed ServicesDefinition, emotive, disadvantages and advantages.


While many companies now understand the need for an IT strategy, too many either depend on IT managers to produce this in isolation, or allow it to be dictated by business departments and imposed on IT.

IT managers are trained in IT but not necessarily in management. Yet most are expected to manage a vital part of the organisationís business. If the IT doesnít work, nobody can work

And IT doesnít need managing just in crises. Firms canít afford to make mistakes with their operations, data retrieval and storage. Regulatory changes, data privacy laws and other legal requirements mean that penalties may be imposed.

Everyone knows that IT can improve their business performance, yet too many expensive IT implementations still fail to deliver.

IT staff are users of IT too and they need to be managed just like other essential front line employees.

This course will give you confidence to manage your IT systems, processes to implement in your company, and make your company make better use of IT.